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´╗┐Know What Kind of Baby Skin Conditions Your Baby May Have

from: Skin Care Adviser

Having a new baby is one of the most exciting moments in the world. Raising them can be just as much fun.

Many new things will come up with your baby that you're not going to be sure about. Baby skin conditions are probably one of these things. Many baby skin conditions will affect your baby.

Babies have soft and delicate skin that you are not going to want affected by skin conditions. It's to you and your baby's advantage that you have some idea of what kind of baby skin conditions there are so you know how to help them.

Baby acne, also known as acne neonatorum, consists of acne lesions on the baby's face. They usually come from the mother's hormones that are still in the baby's bloodstream after the birth.

Baby acne usually develops when they are two or three months old and lasts up to two months. Many believe that keeping a baby too warm can cause baby acne to flare up.

One of the most common baby skin conditions is cradle cap, which is also known as seborrhea.

Many babies have cradle cap at some point. It is a greasy scale on the baby's scalp and has the appearance of dandruff. In some cases, it can be mild enough that you can shampoo it out and other times, it may be more severe. The use of baby oil on their scalp works very well for cradle cap.

There are many baby skin conditions that people may not have heard of, but they may be very common such as stork bites.

Stork bites come from dilated blood vessels or capillaries in the skin. Doctors consider stork bites a result of fetal circulation, which occurs in 30%-40% of babies born. They are on the back of the neck and scalp and occasionally on the eyelids or nose. They usually disappear within the first year.

Birthmarks are another skin condition that affects many babies. Also known as giant congenital nevus, they can present themselves at birth or anytime during the first year.

They usually are moles that are 1.5 centimeters in size. The biggest concern doctors have about these moles is the risk of melanoma or skin cancer. Occasionally, they will disappear on their own or can be removed when the child is a lot older.

The most common of the baby skin conditions is diaper rash. Hardly a baby has been born that hasn't developed diaper rash at some time in their life.

While changing diapers frequently will usually prevent diaper rash from appearing, some babies are more prone to getting diaper rash. It should be treated as quickly as possible to prevent it from getting worse and needing antibiotics or medical attention.