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from: Skin Care Adviser

Anyone that owns a cat or has owned one knows that they require more care than one would think.

Often people because they are smaller than dogs that they require a lot less care and work, which is not usually the case. They may be small, but they still require food, regular checkups, regular grooming and care when they become sick or develop cat skin conditions.

If you are the owner of a cat, skin conditions may be something that you've already had to deal with. If you are a new owner of a cat, skin conditions are something you will probably have to deal with at some point.

Whether you own a small or large cat, skin conditions can still affect them and their health. There are different types of skin conditions that may affect your cat.

Cheyletiella dermatitis is a skin condition caused by mites, or rather one small mite that lives in outer skin of cats. Symptoms of cheyletiella dermatitis are scratching, excessive shedding and a large amount of dandruff on the backs, neck and head.

The unfortunate thing about this type of dermatitis is that it can spread to other animals as well as humans that come in contact with the cat. Skin conditions such as this need to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Before there can be a correct diagnosis, the mite has to be seen under a microscope to identify that it is that specific mite. Treatment for this condition is a special shampoo or dip, which you can get from your vet as well as isolation from other animals. The entire home or environment will also have to be cleaned and treated.

Another of the cat skin conditions that affects cats are fleas. These are every bit as bothersome as you may have heard.

The life cycle of the flea consists of the egg, larva, pupa and adult. This entire life cycle may last a few weeks to many months depending on the environment. It's very important that your cat always have some sort of flea protection, whether it's a collar, powder or medicine from your vet. For the health of your pet, use natural products whenever possible as they are susceptible to reactions from synthetic chemicals.

Some cat owners claim that their cats have developed fleas from neighboring cats even though they had flea collars. It's important to check the kind of flea protection you have with your vet as they can tell you what is prevalent in your area.

The food you give your cat and skin conditions are usually associated. Make sure your cat is getting good quality food. Food that is not of good quality will often cause poor skin, allergies and itching in the cat.

Skin conditions may not always be easy to spot at first. Daily grooming is a great way to detect any problems with your cat.