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´╗┐Feline Skin Conditions to Watch For with Your Cat

from: Skin Care Adviser

Feline skin conditions are the different types of skin conditions that affect cats. They can be caused by many different things.

While most feline skin conditions aren't very serious, some can lead to conditions that are more serious if they are not treated promptly.

Many feline skin conditions are caused by some sort of allergic reaction. Although allergic reactions, by themselves, are not that serious, they can often be hard to control until you can pinpoint the thing that is causing the allergy.

This may become a big project because you'll have to eliminate everything they come in contact with on a daily basis.

The first step in trying to help feline skin conditions is to eliminate the possibility of parasites on the skin. It's quite common for dogs and cats to become infested with fleas and parasites, especially if they are around other animals. The best preventative measure against parasites and fleas are flea collars or powder as well as preventative worm medication given a couple of times a year.

Occasionally even a cat that has a flea collar on can still manage to get fleas. The first sign you will notice is excessive scratching. Upon close inspection of the cat, you may be able to see tiny little fleas.

Treatment for fleas in cats is a special shampoo by the vet or pet store as well as disinfecting your home to make sure you got rid of the hosts.

Another cause of feline skin conditions are mange mites. If your cat has mange mites, they will need veterinary treatment.

Once you have eliminated mange mites and fleas, some other more common feline skin conditions that may affect your cat are eczema, dermatitis, and pyoderma.

These feline skin conditions are sometimes referred to as a non-specific skin allergy. Some of the symptoms of these allergies are itchiness, inflamed hot skin and redness under the belly or armpits. If the cat spends a lot of time scratching, you may notice a loss of hair.

Herbal medicines have been used as treatment by many cat owners that want to try the holistic method rather than traditional method of veterinary services.

Before treatment of any kind can be determined, it's important to first get to the cause of the feline skin conditions affecting your cat.

Diet should be the first thing you consider, as many feline skin conditions are a result of allergies caused by the food they eat. Many cats have been known to have allergic reactions to red meats, high protein foods, and foods with vitamin and mineral supplements as well as coloring. You may want to eliminate these one by one to see if there's a change in their condition.

Kelp seaweed tablets are a good remedy for hair loss while you are dealing with the problem.